Guitar and ukelele tuning is really different!

So since I bought ukelele’s, my husband noticed that tuning of ukelele and guitars are both different. I thought that it was easy but then not! I don’t have any idea in tuning out guitar and ukelele so it’s my husband who is responsible for that. For 8 string guitar tuning is easy for those who played guitar , but when it comes to ukelele tuning that is a bit hard even for those who can play guitar. My husband tried out to tune up ukelele and he did it actually.

Anyway, it’s interesting to know the difference in between the two instrument. But both are interesting!

Let’s rock and roll!

As a celebration to my sisters victory as she did her teacher board exam very well, one of my other younger sister think of having some thanks giving for her. So maybe I will contribute a bit for them to have fun. I don’t know when that party happen but surely there will be a little bit party for that success.

Anyway, for now she is busy answering all the congratulations messages in her facebook. And while reading on her facebook page I saw a picture of this pig nose and one of her friend has this one at home. Using this pig nose connecting to guitar will really be a good combination for sure. So since, I am planning to learn to play guitar so this can be a good idea one day. Will see how it goes.

She is now a teacher!

Yes, my sister is now a certified teacher. Yesterday got the results of their exam last March 2016 that was held in Philippines. Yesterday was one of the best day ever in my life. Having a certified teacher in a family is really awesome. We all did not expect that she will passed the exam but enough God never fails she was one of those 18,000 out of 53,000 examines that passed the though exam.

We are all thankful and happy. My sister specially… My congratulations to you dear and to other who took the same exam as hers.

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