Country Music!

Country music is where my heart belongs! I love country ever. One of my workmates is also crazy when it comes to music. She handed me a lot of Cd’s in different types of music and artist. And now, I am starting to check on the Cd’s by playing it into my car. I am thankful that she don’t want to keep those old cd’s of her and just gave it to me for free. And while playing and checking on her cd’s today, I found out that tc helicon voicelive 2 is also a very interesting instrument for music lover. I can tell my friend about this discovery tomorrow at work. Surely she will dig and find out more about this one.

Nicoline is my bet!

We are fan of a singing contest here. That singing contest is called ‘Stjernekamp’ it means a contest for a star. I am not pretty sure if I translated it to correct English but it sounds like that. This is on Norwegian television, and show on every Saturday night. I have my bet that’s named Nicoline. She’s really a good singer. She is not a well-known yet in the singing industry but she is now showing her talent that she has the power to be called a star. So, I am following her and hoping that she will go to final round. And of course a winner.


Here are the whole team. Next Saturday there will be four contestants left and Nicoline is one of them. So wish for the best for her!

Time to plan for Christmas gifts!

Time flies and now we are on ‘ber’ months. It means that December or Christmas holiday is fast approaching. What’s in our mind is giving gifts! I love to give gifts and love not to expect any returns. If there’s a return then fine but if not then it’s ok. I love more to see other’s happy by receiving their gifts. But not only in December season that folks are giving gifts but in other occasions too!

Hmmm…for me, family first! I’m thinking to make a list for my family and what to give. Each of them has different likes and wishes. So this is not an easy job. I would like to give a present that suits to the person. One of the member of my family loves to play guitar or simply love to sing in karaoke. I maybe have to think of giving guitar to one of them. So maybe, time to go on surfing to guitar center full site and check on their items there. It’s better to order earlier than later, to avoid panic buying right?

So and idea of buying stuff online is what I love. I can choose and read the description carefully and can check the items by asking google or the website itself!

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