10 Blogs Every IT Professional Should Subscribe To

10 Blogs Every IT Professional Should Subscribe To

1. Engadget. Yup yup, in spite of Gizmodo’s stealing the show this year with their stolen iPhone 4, Engadget is still the best source for the latest in pure geek news. Xbox rumors, 4G phone review, and of course the iPad 2 line watch. But for technology news affecting the rest of the world, your best bet is probably…

2. Gizmodo. As an illustration to the differents slants of these two blogs, Gizmodo had up full coverage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami within hours of the event. Engadget? Not even a whisper. Which is why your IT professional should probably subscribe to both, to keep up with the geek world and the real world…

3. TechCrunch. The best blog to help with understanding Web 2.0, TechCrunch has all the latest gossip about all your favorite social media sites: facebook, twitter, and more. Plus it’s got a cool live ubermedia twitter feed right there on the site, of “the world’s best tweeters.”

4. Slashdot. Almost an overglorified RSS feed, Slashdot is like a drink of cool water in a desert of hi-res photos and YouTube videos of grass growing. Yet the posts are right on in content, and the tag index allows you to quickly filter out whatever you don’t want to read.

5. Lifehacker. An eclectic combination of “How To Make Your Bed In Less Than A Minute” and “How To Get The Most Out Of Google Voice On Your Phone,” Lifehacker is for the guy who wants an iPhone, but wants some Android features with it, too. And if you don’t understand that, then this blog probably isn’t for you.

6. Mashable! This one almost didn’t make it on the list, mostly because it’s more like Best Buy these days than it is a blog. Still, they do manage to break unique stories once in a while, like the “US Gov’t wins access to Twitter accounts of Wikileaks supporters,” which, while mostly of interest to those individuals, does have some tech interest factor.

7. GeekDad. Remember Kaboom? Waiting in line to see the Star Wars movies (the first time)? Manual Typewriters? If so, this blog is definitely for you. All these topics (and more) make up the latest posts, with a smattering of comics and “10 signs that you’re a…” type posts.

8. TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog). As much as Windows worshippers hate to admit it, Apple is big. It’s probably still the biggest thing to hit high tech since Star Wars in the 80′s, and without it we’d probably all still be using Walkmans.

9. Technology Review. Published by MIT, this is the blog is part of their larger website with articles on everything tech: web, communications, medicine, energy, even high-tech new materials. You can read blog posts from seemingly everyone enrolled at MIT, here, too.

10. The Scott Adams blog. When you’re all done reading IT blog posts until your brain is reduced to bleeping bits of silicon, there’s nothing like a little Dilbert-esque humor to remind that no matter how bad you got it, there’s always someone out there that’s got it worse.

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