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Monthly Archives: December, 2009

Heading For Work Resignation

My final office work will be on January 15, 2010. I will be finally signing off from 12.5 years of being loyal ang committed to one company since i graduated from college. Looking forward to have a bit rest, before going to visit my family in province for one week.
For now, i am busy for [...]

Vacation Time

Yes! It’s a bit long vacation after Christmas! Then i can relax and sleep, i can maybe go to a saloon and have SPA. I need a whole body massage and make over with my nails. I’ve been very busy from the past weeks, so this is my time.

It’s Chritsmas 09

Just finished our Christmas party and all are tired and drain. I am not sure if everybody gets happy and contented. Well, this is also my last Christmas with the company and i am heading for my new home Norway.
Anyway, i am not really in shape for posting much. Aside from that my other site [...]

Computer Fever!

Soon is Christmas! People here are getting carzy for shopping, they want to buy everything from the mall. One of my officemate bought a new laptop. I want to have one too. *sigh* It’s expenssive gurl! Well, i will just have to wait till when my budget can handle.
Well, Christmas is soon approaching i need [...]

Gaming On Facebook

My mate is addicted to facebook now. They really make time to go out during break time just to rent pc at the cafe just to visit on their farmville. Are you one of them? Me, not yet hopefully not at all. Because if i do then nothing will happen with my online business i [...]

Why Mix and Match

Why Mix and Match? This is simply because, this is my place to hang out and tell mix stories of my life and experiences. You my visitors can check updates from everything here. This is all about general matters in life and technology.
This is my one stop shop. Hurry make life more easy and [...]