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I kept on checking my sites even though I dont have permanent pc this time. One of my post here got so much of comments that I considered as spam. Now, I realized that I must say thank you to that spammers they added traffic on my site hahaha…. I noticed that I gain more traffic these days.

So spammers it is not my loss. Lol! I never give time to visit your link back so you cant get anything from me. All I say is thank you and a big laugh at you!

Have a nice day all!

Folks, hope I can get back to normal track soon. Just to let you know my pc was attacked by virus and now it is not working. Sad but this is life. I am working on it now. Thanks for your visit , will reciprocate on your page very very soon.

Have a nice day everyone!

Lately, I am so pissed with one commenter here in my mix. He is posting comments that are really spam. Long and lots of unexplainable links. If you are reading this post, kindly dont leave comments that are not related to my post. You are just giving heavy on my day. Now, so sorry to tell you i marked all your comments as SPAM.

If I can have your spam comments again. I may rather put your name here! It is so annoying. Your putting up nonsense comments on my post.

Mama Mia… Here we go again! Folks, I am not singing because I am not a singer. I am just wishing to have this kind of netbook. What a cute and handy one.

This netbook was developed two years ago by Johnson Li, the director of Lenovo’s Beijing Innovation. This is look like a wallet with leader material in the cover and very handy. It says that: The belt that around in the middle can also function as the mouse. What? I am so excited hahaha… When and how I can buy this one.

I am looking forward for the complete specs for this Lenovo 2010. Interested!


A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year
old son waiting for him at the door.

SON : ‘Daddy, may I ask you a question?’
DAD : ‘Yeah sure, what it is?’ replied the man.
SON : ‘Daddy, how much do you make an hour?’
DAD : ‘That’s none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?’ the man
said angrily.

SON : ‘I just want to know.. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?’
DAD : ‘If you must know, I make $20.00 an hour.’
SON : ‘Oh,’ the little boy replied, with his head down.
SON: ‘Daddy, may I please borrow $10.00 ?’

The father was furious, ‘If the only reason you asked that is so you can
borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you
march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you
are being so selfish. I work hard everyday for such this childish

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door. The man sat
down and started to get even angrier about the little boy’s questions. How
dare he ask such questions only to get some money?

After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think:
Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that $10..00 and he
really didn’t ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the
little boy’s room and opened the door.

‘Are you asleep, son?’ He asked..
‘No daddy, I’m awake,’ replied the boy.
‘I’ve been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier’ said the man.
‘It’s been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you.
Here’s the $10.00 you asked for..’

The little boy sat straight up, smiling. ‘Oh, thank you daddy!’ He yelled.
Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. The
man saw that the boy already had money, started to get angry again. The
little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

‘Why do you want more money if you already have some?’ the father grumbled.
‘Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do,’ the little boy replied.
‘Daddy, I have $20.00 now. Can I buy an hour of your time?
Please come home early tomorrow.. I would like to have dinner with you.’

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son, and he
begged for his forgiveness.

It’s just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We
should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some
time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts..

Do remember to share that $20.00 worth of your time with someone you love.

If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily
replace us in a matter of days.

But the family & friends we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest
of their lives.

And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than to our family.