Introducing Anygen! Folks, that is my name! You can call me whatever you want as long as it is a person name and not an animal name! Anyway, this is my first time to join this meme. I am a blogger who owns 9 blogs + 1 new blog (courtesy of lulu)! So total of 10 blogs. I started to join blogging year 2008 but I did not participate until I got married. I mean I am not active in blogging that year. So year 2009 June I started to focus on and my first blog is in titled *A Journey Towards Success* , I don’t know why it came to that title. It was just by luck and my cousin nita help and encourage me to go on blogging.

After 6 months of being active I added two blogs together my travel which is *Best Travel and Tours* and my kitchen which is *Kitchen Avenues*. I started to get addicted since then. I started to earn also. So it gives me more drive to post and post!