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Introducing Anygen! Folks, that is my name! You can call me whatever you want as long as it is a person name and not an animal name! Anyway, this is my first time to join this meme. I am a blogger who owns 9 blogs + 1 new blog (courtesy of lulu)! So total of 10 blogs. I started to join blogging year 2008 but I did not participate until I got married. I mean I am not active in blogging that year. So year 2009 June I started to focus on and my first blog is in titled *A Journey Towards Success* , I don’t know why it came to that title. It was just by luck and my cousin nita help and encourage me to go on blogging.

After 6 months of being active I added two blogs together my travel which is *Best Travel and Tours* and my kitchen which is *Kitchen Avenues*. I started to get addicted since then. I started to earn also. So it gives me more drive to post and post!

After a year I added another one which is my fashion *Entertainment and Fashion Galore*. It is designed by my cousin Nita again! So those four blogs are made in Philippines. I have been working in an I.T company for 13 years and before I resigned I started to be more focus in blogging.

After work, must be home and blog. January 31, 2010 last year I arrived here in Norway and after 4 months of being here I added more blogs and more and more til I reach to 9 blogs + 1 from a friend of mine. Now, I am still looking forward to add more. LOL!
Anyway, I am married , no kid and living here in Norway!

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  1. wow, 10 blogs, i can’t even handle my two blogs that much.

    im your latest follower.

  2. SHY says:

    Followed na taka girl wow silingan ra diay ta maybe one day mag meet tau hehe..would love to exchange links with you..

  3. divine says:

    Nice meeting you here Anygen! Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, 10 blogs! I think I can’t manage all that. Lol!

    Will follow this blog and your other blogs too! Take care!

  4. gengen says:

    From WBFC thanks for coming by my place…followed you.

  5. rj's mama says:

    bow ako sa pagiging dedicated mo sa blogging :)

    followed, would love to see you at my ONLINE JOURNAL & my soltero baby

  6. Jade says:

    Wow you also have quite some blogs :) ! Nice to meet you Anygen!

    Life of a Filipina Blogger
    Online Chikadora
    Happy Home
    Diva Fabulosa


  7. Shydub says:

    hehehe hello tsang, nice knowing you here and some facts about your blogging journey hehe. Na walay limit nga gi require sa goberno sa blogging tsang mao lets add more to that to infinity and beyond waaaaa. basta kaya sa power go go go lang

  8. Hi AnyGen,

    Visiting from WBFC # 9 Entry No. 7

    Keep on blogging and insipiring others thru your stories.

    I am already a follower thru GFC.
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  9. hi anygen,

    i hope to have as many blogs as you have…right now, i only have two and will be adding another one hopefully by next month. keep on adding blogs.

    following you already and hope you could visit my entry:


  10. air says:

    hi anygen newest follower here, glad to meet you, im amaze in people who was able to hold lots of blog…

    pay me a visit also at
    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  11. Janice says:

    Hi! Following you back from WBFC. Wow, Norway, huh? Must be really nice there. :D Nice meeting you!

    Roller Coaster Ride

  12. vernz says:

    HI an, waaaahhhh… nosebleed nako.. hahaha.. musta kana.. panagsa kana kalaag hahah… thanks sista sa laag.. followed na you.

  13. Anygen says:

    Sisters sa pagtoo! salamat sa pag follow ug commento. Hahahha… tsang mao lagi ni ambot sani future sa blogging kapoy na gani mag update2x waaaa….

    Sis Vernz, nia na sugod na jud ko.. kini laging busy busyhan oi … kabuing sad. Anyway, manghinaut ko makalabay nako always and forever…ahha!

  14. Maicel says:

    Hi, Anygen! :) Too many blogs, ha! Hindi ba yan nakakawindang. Well, as long as the passion is there, nothing seems to be impossible naman :)

    Coming from the WBFC. You can find my entry here: http://www.mommysjoyride.com/2011/03/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-9-all-about-me/

  15. Lalaine says:

    Hi Anygen! Thanks for dropping by..i’m following your blog now too.. I’m aiming for 10 blogs too.. so far I still have 8 active blogs..I’m not sure though if I would add more if I reach 10.. pero mukhang blogging addict na rin ako eh..so, cge more than 10 na nga..:)

  16. WOW 10 blogs!!!! salute you! enjoy and now following this blog! ;)


  17. Hazelicious says:

    Sis, hindi ko pa alam paano maglagay ng widgets sa WP… I am still learning. Nilagay ko na sya pero hindi naman nag appear sa page ko. Paano ba ito sis?

  18. bambie says:

    hi anygen! :-) visiting you back for WBFC. thanks for dropping by my blog. also following you now. :-D

  19. lerra says:

    waah..kadaghan naba diay nimo blog anygen..hehe! followed here through WBFC… hope you’ll do the same on mine.. see you there.

  20. Mars says:

    wow! seriously, how do you do it?! 10 blogs… i mean, I’m too OC to handle one blog, what more if i had 10!? what’s the secret? I’m planning on making a post out of this and I hope I can get your opinion. ^^,

    nice to meet you by the way. ^_^ following you through WBFC!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  21. Simply Dyes says:

    hi! i followed you @ GFC :) i am amazed to know that you have lots of blogs!

    nice knowing you :)

    Mine is just a short entry.

    Have a great week!

  22. Rossel says:

    hi, Anygen. Wow, daming blogs. Mukhang kabilang ka din sa blogaholic anonymous. =) It’s nice to know you better, sis. I followed all your blogs. Hope you could follow mine. Have a great week.

  23. kayce says:

    hi sis! musta naka? miss you na… :) busy kaayo imong beauty diha ba? hehehe… new stalker napud ko diri sa imong isa ka payag sis… :)

  24. Lulu says:

    agoy agoy nice to know you bwahahaha… mura ug dili kada adlaw mag chat!

  25. The addicts are coming out of this WBFC! :D Nice to meet you, Anygen! (Is that your real name?)

    WBFC9 #51.

  26. Such a usefule blog wow !!!!. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would usually browse, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thanks for creating something worthy of reading. ;) great more please.

  27. darly says:

    whoa, 9 blogs.. that’s inspiring. I hardly ever get to update my 2 blogs but im aspiring to be like most of the mommies here at PMC who’s able to monetize all (others have got 10) of their blogs.

    following you in GFC already and see you around in the community

    Know me better here , leave some sweets and follow me too. Have a great week!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  28. January says:

    wow grabe kadaghan sa blog.. wala ga ga lisod ug maintain sis? hehehe.. ako k as in galisud ko nga 2 ra ang active.. hehehe

    followed you here..

  29. Hi anygen, you have lots of blogs galing.. followed u tru wfbc. tnx

  30. AC says:

    talaga nga naman ang adik… wahahaha!!! ayaw ko mag adik, baka mabaliw na ako… ito pa nga lang 4 di ko na magawa ng maayos eh… san ba kayo kumukuha ng time? hehehe… nice to know about your addiction in blogging, sis… wahahaha!!! =)
    AC here of Happy Home Working with ACmomCee
    Come Dine In
    Join My Stroll
    Cheeky Munchkis

  31. genefaith says:

    ok lang yong 10 blogs mo habang wala pang kids :) nakakaadik nga yong blogging, ako nga i have 8 and di ko na naupdate yong iba coz beside i worked full time i got a tot:) basta passion natin we can find ways to do it. Nice to meet you Anygen…

    thanks for the nice comment you left in my WBFC entry…sorry for the delayed visit back to this lovely site of yours:)

  32. Gene says:

    Wow! 10 blogs! Sabi ko na nga ba, blog bug ito! I cannot even update my 4 blogs regularly. Any tips on how you do it?

    know more about me here: wbfc: who is gene?

  33. shengkay says:

    hi gen!..wow! 10 blogs!
    no kids ka pa naman kaya okay na okay yan..
    nice meeting you..
    follow you..hope you can follow back!
    Late visiting from WBFC..
    Thanks in advance for following!
    Shengkay Random Nest
    Shengkay’s Journal

  34. ellen joy says:

    Hi sis! :) Thanks for following my new blog. It’s amazing how you can manage 10 blogs… I hope I can do that someday soon. Followed you here already :)

    Mommy’s Infodose
    Music, Movies, Stars, etc.
    My Food, Fashion Beauty Blog
    Pinay Blogger

  35. Ane says:

    HI Mommy! :) Wow, 10 blogs, OMG, I only have 3 and can barely manage.. LOL :D

    Visiting you from WBFC, you can view my entry here. Followed you on GFC, hope you can do the same.. :)

  36. jared's mum says:

    i have to agree with mommy AC i recently started another blog + i only have 2 in total but i am really going crazy trying to update both + participate in all of these memes, where exactly did you get the time to maintain 10???
    nice to know you sis..stopping by + following you here via wbfc^^

    jared’s little corner

  37. May says:

    Hi Anygen! Di ko kinaya… 9 talaga ha. And adding pa malamang. Very nice to know you thru WBFC. Ang saya naman ng meme na to!

    I am #62 {the last!} on WBFC9 and my post can be found HERE.

    Followed you back on GFC and will be updating my blogroll to link you up. Hope you can do the same for me!

    Nshima Servings

  38. carlota says:

    wow you sure have a quite blog too hehehe. great to know you and you’re bisaya sab diay :) … i smiled when you said look a like imelda papin :) … Thanks for the visit girl and the lovely comment.

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