35/365 BPC | New Winter Stuff

Oppps! Just because of too much cold now, I bought new cap few days ago. This is very important! This is my entry for the Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted by Ruby.

4 Responses to “35/365 BPC | New Winter Stuff”

  1. Adin B says:

    Gotta keep our noggins warm. hehehe… Visiting!

  2. Wow! Cold pa rin pala dyan sa inyo. Dito malapit na ang summer!

    Visiting from the February Host Blog of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge. :)

  3. Mrs.D says:

    ayay! isa raman imo g palit sis…g daghan unta nimo kay tugnaw diha kaau..ehhehehe! I like the color sis…:)

    glad to know niabot na tawon ang card..pastilan, after 2 months..hahhaha…lupigan pa ang pinas diay sis no…thanks sa visit!

    oo sis, naa dove candy…hehehe..mahal lang..mahal pa sa sabon…lol!

  4. Rcel says:

    Winter started early here in our end so I bought a hat way early too! This one is a good buy! I love its color!

    BPC 35 visit here!

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