Affiliate programs is roaming around

Opening facebook and reading updates helps! I mean, I am not super active in facebook, I am not putting up my updates in my wall. I’d just to read and see what’s other are posting. There are of course advantages and dis-advantages in joining facebook. For me, one thing I can communicate with my family abroad, I can read news and updates! Just today, I read about affiliate programs. This is one way to ear and if you are just fun of affiliate then you will earn cents per day.

Sorry to say, I do not like affiliate. It is like just a networking and I do not have time for that. I saw and read testimonies on their earnings but for me I don’t like. There are also affiliates like, you invest a small amount of money and as they promised it will become bigger and bigger.

But some affiliates just work on first and later they will just gone. Your investment is gone also even though it is just s single amount of money. But for those who loves joining affiliate programs I salute you guys for your patience.

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