Happy! Thanks GOD!

Finally all her hardships has been paid! My sister who just recently graduated from her college schooling, is now finally get a job! As her sister am so proud of her. I know how hard she truly strive to reach her goal. Time flies too fast and 4 years of going to university was just quickly done. Thanks GOD for all the support that you gave to her and to us also who supports her. I can really see that she did her best to finished her schooling. Now is a teacher and maybe she will take her board exam in the time that she is ready.

For the meantime she will not start her 1st job in Toyota car as executive assistant. Truly, I cannot express how I happy I am for her. I also talked to my mom and they are also happy for the news. So I just hope that my sister will like her first job, I hope that she can learn fast on her training time and wishing her best for always… Congrats sis I.

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