My sister will be on of those busy writers online too!

This is my sister I. I invited her to become a writer online. She is a newly college graduate and still searching for a job. She is a teacher and still need to take some board exam to get the license. Her decision now is to find work first and take the board exam later. So while waiting for all her applications sent to different companies, I told her why not be a writer online? I have a lot of friends who is a writer and earn a bit from that way! This is a great help for her. We all know that finding a job even if you are degree holder needs more follow-ups and patience. Thankful that she agreed to what I suggested to her.

So far she already finished 10 articles and so far so good. I love reading her writings as she writes it from the heart. So keep it up sister! And good luck to your job hunting!

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