No Longer Active in EC…

Entrecard is one way of driving traffic to a website. In this way, you will earn visitors that will help you lower your alexa and it means that your page will be scanned by others. Way back year ago I was super active with EC dropping. If I am not mistaken I do 300 drops a day in each of my site. It was hard but fun. Nice to met bloggers along your way of dropping and of course you can read new updates from other bloggers too!

But somehow, feel so tired of doing it regularly. Some other bloggers don’t reciprocate your visit and feels like not good at all! But that is normal, you cannot expect everyone to get back to you. And early this year I am totally inactive in EC dropping. I just log in in my account once in a blue moon. I don’t have time to drop and don’t have time to scan other site.

But if you are new a new blogger this can really help your page. Join EC and gain traffic.

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