Sitemap Chocolate cigar is a great smoking experience. Not only will the man get to taste the chocolate flavor but will be able to smell the unique fragrance of a cigar. This is a great combination and people are falling for this to a great degree. This kind of cigar is most commonly used in special occasions. An individual can find a number of different flavors of chocolate. There are about fifteen hundred components which can contribute to giving you the chocolate type flavor. The most common components in this cigar are Theobromine, Caffeine and Phenylethylamine. These three compounds join together to give the cigar the unique taste and smell which attracts a large number of people. The caffeine adds to the flavor of the cigar. Theobromine is used for the treatment of coughs and Phenylehtylamine is used in the cigar for giving the person the experience of consuming chocolate. This is a pleasant feeling on the part of many people who love to consume chocolate.