What to put on your Christmas List if you’re a Groom to Be?

It might not feel like it but Christmas is more than only just upon us… yes, check the calendar, the Christmas lights that have been turned on in your town, start worrying and then sprint out of the house to start your Christmas shopping. But hold on, what about you? If you’ve (for the most part) forgotten all about Christmas, it might’ve slipped your mind that Christmas also means that aside from the sweet factors of brining your family together, being ‘romantic’ and allowing you to spend time with your loved ones… it means that you’ll BE GETTING PRESENTS!

Nothing springs to mind right now? Maybe it’s because your mind is full of the fact that you’ll be becoming a married man in the near future. Well rest-assured, because if you’re a groom to be, there are many things to put on your list (you could use these ideas if you’re not a groom to be too, but there you go…)

Games, Games, Games

Planning (or listening to the planning of) your wedding can be extremely stressful, so there’s no doubting that you’ll need something to take your mind of it all. How about leading your favourite team to the top of the Premiership? Saving the world from imminent destruction? Becoming a faultless assassin? Yes, I’m talking about video games, and whether you’re an Xbox 360 guy or PS3 man, here are my picks:

- FIFA 13 (of course)

- Assassins Creed 3

- Call of Duty: Black Ops II

- Hitman: Absolution

Films, Films, Films

Phew, playing all of those games and listening to all of that wedding planning can be extremely stressful – so you’ll need a good relax after that. What’s better than a good film? Once again, adorn your list with these!

- The Dark Knight Rises

- Ted

- The Bourne Legacy

- Expendables 2

A Damn Good Stag Do

You should be having this anyway, but if your friends are on the stingy side, you should start dropping hints now and maybe they’ll all club together and set up a night (or weekend) to remember for you when it nears your wedding date. There’s heaps of stag weekend packages  out there, so take a look around, choose your destination and start dropping the name of it in to most sentences… Derren Brown style.

A Groom needs to be groomed

Okay everything has been a little bit selfish up to this point (they’re presents – they should be, right?) But this is one your wife-to-be will really embrace after all the games, films and talk of a stag night to remember. You’ll want to be looking, feeling and smelling your best for the wedding, so Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on grooming goodies you might never have even tried. Some essentials that should be shoved on the list are:

- Hair Products: Getting a good haircut before the big day is a must but you’ll need to style it. There’s so many on offer out there you’ll need to do your research, however looking at a few 2012 awards, some picks are Redken for Men Manoeuvre Working Wax and American Crew Hair Styling Cream.

- Shaving: Like Bond, you’ll want a close shave and the Hydro 5 razor by Wilkinson Sword is a popular choice in addition to the Bleu de Chanel aftershave balm by Chanel.

- Smellies: Christmas is primetime for smellies, but why not ask for something really special like Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford or the classics like Dior Fahrenheit or Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Le Male’?

So there you have it, just print this list off and pin it to everything you can! Merry Christmas.


About the author:

Written by Richard Paul for The Stag Company, offering everything from Cardiff  stag weekends to trips all over Europe.

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