A late gift for my dear friend!

In every year each of us celebrate birthdays. This natal day means a lot to individuals, usually we do have to prepare something special on that day. We have to thank GOD for the additional year and make the best of it and enjoy that day that the Lord has made right? Just last year my dear friend celebrated her 60th birthday. She is one of my beloved friend who is in Philippines, I considered her as my second Mom when I was in Manila. Just sad that I was not there when she celebrated her big day. Celebrating and reaching to that age of 60 is really a big accomplishment in terms of living. She is so blessed indeed!

So, just today I finally called her. After one year I greeted her a very late congratulations but she appreciated it. It is not hard to live far from each other, she is really a kind one. We had fun talking for almost 30 minutes. So after talking it came to my mind of finding 60th birthday gifts fοr women, it is not that late to give gift for her. Better to be late than never right? I know she will appreciate still.

So finally I found the official website where I can choose best gift for her. She is a person who really mean a lot to me. She helped me in many ways and still my dear friend even though we’re far from each other.

By the way, this is what I am planning to give her… simple, cool and nice!!!

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