The Mama Ways!

What are the duties and responsibilities of a mom? When you are a stay at home mom, there are lots of things that you’re worried about everyday, even the smallest of detail things at home will be a great problem when you ignore it. A mom of course knows everything in her family, like what her children should eat, wear and everything under the roof. She run the errands, pay the bills, answer the telephone, go at the grocer.

She can be a teacher, a cook, a doctor and even a dentist. It is her duty to care of her family, rather she can be the boss at home and be a leader at everything. But all of these things are nothing if she doesn’t love her family, all these things are worth to a mother that knows best for her family. It is all for the glory of love and devotion. Without a mother there will be no us, no children, no family. A mother will always be at her best to care for us, so let us love her back and say “Thanks Mom!”

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