Educate yourself during earthquake

We all aware that last October 15, at around 8 in the morning the strongest earthquake landed in an Island of Bohol and Cebu Philippines. Many were affected and many were still experiencing traumas and still experiencing tremors until now. It is now almost two weeks since the 7.2 magnitude landed. It was tragic for all people who lives there, that includes my family.

It took three days after the earthquake that I was able to contact my family down there. It is hard to live far away from them but God is anywhere he is in control of everything despite of that strong magnitude. I was worried and sad of course but I did just pray for total protection. So when I was able to talked to my mom, I was released from being worried and thanking God that they are all fine but still sleeping outside with tent. They are not allowed to go inside the house yet, as most houses there are collapsed and or damage.

What they experienced was terrible and unforgettable. I remember very well when I was in Manila, we always have a drill about earthquake, we do the drill twice a year in the company that I worked before. People must be very aware about the safety and awareness when it comes to earthquake.

So when I recall, I remember these important steps to do:
1.) Secure your space.
2.) Plan to be safe wherever your location is.
3.) Drop, cover and hold on yourself during the shakes, go crawl to open area and make sure that you are in open space (no building, houses, trees that surrounds you)
4.) Improve safety – make sure that all members of your families are gathered together and you are in contact with them. Check if they are okey and of course make sure that all are okey if possible.

These are just those simple tips that I remembered well. So I am still hoping for the recovery of the two islands Bohol and Cebu Philippines.

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