Sale Sale Sale!

There are so many shops and brands that are selling items on sale this time. The problem is that is it really a tease because some people out there if not many, that is including me, do not have the cash to splurge. One can say, oh you can use your credit card, but personally, my credit card is not yet fully credited. My friend used it when she purchased an affordable krk rokit 5 at guitar center. She still cannot pay me this month and next month. So I need to clear out some of these debits before i will use it for shopping again.

It is really wise to be mindful in our spending habits or else we may get into problem later. Not problem with the police but problem in our budgeting. And once it becomes a mess, it will really take some time to clear the mess. So, do not just think of the sale price. Think too of your capability to spend. It is really nice to spend within your means to avoid regret problems later.

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