Magic Sing is just around!

I never thought that here in Norway I can still find those magic sings around. I was invited for a birthday party a month ago from a friend who lives near here and as she told me that their will be a singing moment. I did not expect that they have that magic sing. I asked her, how come that she has that! I did not find that kind of instrument in electronic stores here. As she replied: She ordered it online. Very smart! That will ease loneliness indeed! Singing in videoke can brings happiness specially if you are singing with your friends together.

The only thing that my friend is complaining is the microphone. That magic sings has two microphone and the other one is not working well. So she is telling one of us to help her find where to buy easily. One of us recommends to check on those Blue Microphones at musicians friend. Hope this can help!

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