Singing once again

My sister used to sing in a band before. Yesterday, got a chance to talk to her again and we’re trying to recall her singing last year together with other bandmates. She wants to comeback if given a chance. She has a very good voice and want to exercise again her talent in singing. But the thing now is that she is very busy in her job. She just currently got regular work so the chance of getting back into the band is quite not sure. So, I just simply told her that she can still continue her passion in singing by buying instrument that will enhance her interest. An instrument that will keep in voice in tune and ready for band singing again whenever she is free for doing so.

So suddenly she told me to help her find this mpk at Musicians Friend. MPK stands for Mini Laptop Production Keyboard. This is what she is planning to have. I hope that she can buy this one for her own interest. This will surely helps her motivate more on her singing talent.

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