A good partner for my DSLR camera

Finally got my first DSLR camera last year. Happy enough that at last I have my Nikon D3100 camera with me now. I already tried using the camera on pictures and not much on video yet. I tried once using the video and that was very clear and nice but one thing I want to try on is having this device called exciting zoom h4n. I read online that this device is a good partner for those who loves to take and record videos using their DSLR camera.

Exciting h4n by Zoom is very well-known for those who loves to record songs, or those who are into bands. This portable digital recorder is a truly professional solution. This is capable to record 4 simultaneous tracks at 48 kHz/24-bit using the high-quality on-board stereo mics and XLR combo jacks for mic, line, or instrument-level sources, according to what I read online. So this can be a good partner to my DSLR. I hope to have one soon.

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