Alloway Metallic Leopard Calf Hair by Ugg

I was in the mall today and roaming around the mall around is a bit boring. So all what I did is to visit boutiques and I stumbled at the new store in town. Then I saw the new arrival of ugg shoes and whatta smell I love it! First I thought that it was on sale but then the sales lady told me that all those new sandals just arrived a week ago and they are in their original price. Hmmm… really love it! But I am thinking over.. I will gonna wait for my salary to come next week and will see if I still have the interest of this one.

But wait! When I came home I visited the site for ugg online and saw exactly the same as what I saw in the store. The price is almost the same. So better wise shop in store here than online maybe.

This called ‘Alloway Metallic Leopard Calf Hair’ shoes by ugg. Really nice and got the correct size for me!


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