I Made It! Yipppii!!

As an update for my theory examination for driving, a big YES!!!! I made it for the second time around. It was really a challenging day knowing that the test was not that easy. Many Norwegians itself were having trouble and difficulties when getting or passing this kind of exam. And I am very proud of myself I did it and did not spent much money and much time in preparation.

And marking the day May 15, 2015 at around 2.30 in the afternoon I got the result right away and it stated there the word ‘BESTÃ…TT’ it means I passed the exam.

Before the exam I prayed and asked to God to give me the full wisdom and he granted me. I asked for an early birthday present and YES he did not failed to give.

So now, I will focus on driving and hopefully can pass all the driving test in the road. It still a long way to go before the real license but I am on that way now.

Thanks God for this provision!!!



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