Mole Removal!

Oh! Checking moles? Does moles dangerous? Well, well… I had one big mole at my back. That mole was with me since when I was a child. Two months ago I was at my doctor to get some medicine cream and by an accident he saw that I have a very big mole at my back that as he told me it looks like not good, specially in shape. But asking on me I never had any problem with that. But the doctor requested for removal. So I said yes!

The surgery took only 15 minutes and I was sent home right away! He told me that in 2 weeks I have to get back in his office to remove the stitches and of course to know the result of the biopsy.

So then after two weeks, I was there and he removed the stitches and told me that my mole is a normal one, nothing to worry about. Thanks GOD! Well, until now the scar is still not that cured. It’s soon three months since the operation. Healing time is not that fast as he said within five weeks only, but maybe it depends from person to person too!

Well, as of now I am much more better and hope to have my operation totally heal.

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