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I have been working in an I.T company for almost 13 years and during those years I learned a lot from different aspects of being part of an I.T company. Every now and then I got some updates still because one of my uncle, and cousin is still connected there. Nice to know also that my cousin is now part of the system group he is responsible in installation , mounting servers and lot more. He deserves to be part of it, he is also a programmer graduate like me so it fits well to him.

The 1U rackmount reminds me of everything just because we always had a problem with our server before. We do not have the proper place where to put it properly and just this time I can share this to my cousin and he can propose to the company.

Yes! Finally weekend, favorite time and day of the week. It is always good to relax at home specially now it is cold here and winter is really started. Just hard to go out during weekdays but it went fine! So for the weekend , it is just good to be home. Anyway, I am planning to buy some Christmas card for my Family is Asia but hope can find time nextweek to buy. Well, time to finish my online job also and tomorrow is sunday and need to do some other things around.

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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Productive night finally. I got time to read top wrinkle cream because I think soon I can have wrinkles. So better to be prepared right? But soon I will have to stop also for online work because I need to make my school homework. It is long so must read it carefully and understand what does it mean. But thanks anyway got to finish almost 80% of my task. So, see you all tomorrow folks. My back is started to knock on me and it is connected to my heart area. I am old maybe haha.. So long for today folks. Have a nice day ahead and enjoy the rest of the day.

Today celebration goes for the thanksgiving in U.S. Wishing you all to have a relaxing day.