Back To School Very Soon!!!

After a long vacation, time to say hello again to my school. I am excited and want to know if my old mates before summer vacation are still the same. All I know is that, my room will change location from 2nd floor to 3rd floor , and a bit near to the cafeteria (which I love) I am near to food (lol). I can save time during break. Another thing: My old teacher will be replaced by another prof. and will see what will happen. Hope that new one can still accomodate and willing to teach us properly. Last but not the least, I will be in school everyday, not like before. So goodluck to me!

So for now, I need to get ready and check out things needed. I still did not arrange my school things since the vacation begin last June. I spend more time in blogging and adding some more sites. Lol! well, no regret everything is fine and works well.

So far, since I still have 1 more week left I am planning to buy new shoes and bag. I am not so sure when I can go to the mall. Or , I can maybe wait till the school starts , then that will be more easy for me to buy after class.

And finally my wish for the Norsk course: Hope for improvements on speaking. Hope I can communicate with Norsk. So far, I understand some words but still hard to reply in a complete and perfect grammar. Well, it takes time… So wish all the best for myself.

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