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Have you tried going up to the mountain and have camping? Last month me and hubby walked up in the forest to have our daily exercise and we encountered this camping house up there. For me it is so cool and nice to relax and stayed over night! Hope me and family can do it too! I took a picture of the tent looks they made there! Very unique!

Here are also your camping guide tips for those who wanted to try!
1. Try and set up camp in daylight — you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises like ants’ nests.
2. Pick a spot protected from the wind by using a line of trees, scrub or the lee of a hill as a windbreak.
3. Level, firm ground is important but don’t select the lowest ground because water will pool there when it rains. Avoid dried mud — these are the first places to get boggy when it rains.
4. Position your tent so you sleep with your head higher than your feet. (Don’t scoff — you’d be surprised how many people make this mistake!)
5. Don’t camp under trees with large boughs, especially gums. Often called ‘widow makers’, they tend to snap in strong winds and lightning strikes.
6. Set up a sun shelter by rigging a tarp off the side of your tent. This is also a good rain shelter, provides extra cooking space and a place to leave gear.
7. In rain, use a tarp as a second fly. You can also use a tarp underneath your tent as an extra moisture barrier. In heavy rain, dig a small trench on the high side of your tent to divert run-off.
8. If camping on a beach, avoid unprotected headlands or sand dunes. Find a sheltered spot out of the wind behind shrubs and trees or in a dune.
9. Pay attention to warning signs about wildlife such as crocodiles or poisonous marine life.
10. In mountains, don’t camp on ridges or saddles between peaks — they can be exposed and dangerous. Use protected sites such as rocky platforms, ledges and river terraces.
11. In deserts, the best campsites are on the edge of dry clay pans or in dunes. Don’t camp in dry creeks or river beds. A distant storm may send a flood of water when you least expect it.

More tips here.

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