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Finally today we have new laptop. But before we decided what to buy, we’ve been into stores of PC and need to check one by one most specially the specs. These are the pc’s that we choose from buying. Finally we bought a new Samsung R580.

Thanks finally SAMSUNG R580 is home.  If you want to see how it looks like check it at my main page. Or click Here!

Mama Mia… Here we go again! Folks, I am not singing because I am not a singer. I am just wishing to have this kind of netbook. What a cute and handy one.

This netbook was developed two years ago by Johnson Li, the director of Lenovo’s Beijing Innovation. This is look like a wallet with leader material in the cover and very handy. It says that: The belt that around in the middle can also function as the mouse. What? I am so excited hahaha… When and how I can buy this one.

I am looking forward for the complete specs for this Lenovo 2010. Interested!