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She is now a teacher!

Yes, my sister is now a certified teacher. Yesterday got the results of their exam last March 2016 that was held in Philippines. Yesterday was one of the best day ever in my life. Having a certified teacher in a family is really awesome. We all did not expect that she will passed the exam but enough God never fails she was one of those 18,000 out of 53,000 examines that passed the though exam.

We are all thankful and happy. My sister specially… My congratulations to you dear and to other who took the same exam as hers.

Watching Norwegian Idol

I am currently watching Norwegian Idol tonight. A Friday after work is good to watch on TV and try to relax in sofa area. Had a good nap tonight also after preparing dinner right after work. So now, I am charged with more energy. And time to keep updates with my blogs around.

Anyway, I am trying to get back a bit on posting but still did not get time to do it. Well, I have to try posting more…

Driving is on!

Wow! It’s been awhile since my last post here. I’ve been busy for the past months. Been now enjoying my driving lesson three times a week almost! Aside from being busy from the driving school I am also busy at work and finally vacation starts so a bit relax now at home.

To enroll in a driving school here in Norway cost a lot and it needs budget. Aside from buying a car you must have budget for the school before you can have your license. So now, I hope that I can have my license early next year.

Would love to post more here on my driving school next time. I am a bit sleepy now after watching the world championship for handball.

So have to update more here soon and to my other blogs as well.

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