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I’ve been an adbrite member for almost two years I guess! But I never find time to convert my check into cash. This check has been in my drawer for one year! I tried to cash it out before in a bank in Philippines but the bank said I cannot because they don’t have any affiliate with the bank that adbrite is using.

I ask them if I can deposit , the answer is still NO! So I gave up and kept this check as a remembrance. I did not get into them again because I don’t know how to incash. I am just hoping that adbrite will have an option to pay their members via paypal or any online procedures and not by check.

So this is for my earnings in two years with adbrite. It is very little but it is ok!

Yes today, I am trying to sort out my mess in my table. I need to segregate my blogging papers from my other personal things. I am in the mood of throwing out not important notes. I am so glad that I had the energy to make it done! I found out that there many things that I am looking for before.

Aside from that I found out that some of my adverts need to renew their links on my page and the total of 300 USD is what should be renewed. Not bad at all. I already sent email to them and ask if they still want to continue or not. So hopefully they will and can earn USD 300!

I am also planning to transfer my old notes to a new one. I had a 3 years old blog notes and need a replacement! Hope I can find any new notebook here at home and transfer important text on it!

One of my blogger friend is here somewhere in Oslo today. She and her husband went for a short vacation in Bergen. After Bergen they decided to stay 4 days here. So we decided to meet for the first time. We just knew each other way back since 2009 through blogging and finally we had a blast of shopping mode yesterday. In fairness she spent much money and she told me that it is okey for her. So , I just with her and bring her to all boutiques.

She bought a guess watch, burberry perfume, bags, hat and a whole lot more. Happy for her that she finds all what she need in just one mall! Here is the evidence for the nice GUESS watch! She wore it right after we bought!

Yes , good to be home! Woke up too late haha! Love sleeping long. It is blowing a bit outdoor today, but it is still sunny so maybe good for walking.

Anyway, have a blessed sunday everyone! Enjoy your weekend and keep safe always!

Yesterday was the last day in class. I am happy indeed! Sometimes feel so bored in class hahaha… anyway, we had great time yesterday , had fest and eating lot of food. The thing is that maybe I am not really into Indian food. When I went home I felt the same way as I felt before when me and my husband ate in an Indisk restaurant. The food is really good and delicious but just maybe my stomach cannot stand on the spices.

As a part of the contribution I baked brownies for the 1st time ever in my life and got comments that it is good. Actually it is easy because you just have to follow the instruction but I am proud I made it!

Anyway, summer is here and hope to have a fulfilling summer vacation!!!