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And her comeback!

After years of having no contact with my cousin who lives abroad just two days ago she message me for just to say hi, and that conversation began. She told me that she’s going to build back her band soon. She stopped being active in her band group for four years because of family matters. She got married and got two kids. But now she is planning to get back in singing. 

And planning to buy  lighting clamps for her band. This could be a good gift to the band on her comeback soon. So good luck cousin.

A very cool instrument for him|her

I remember my sister loves to explore. She is loves to sing and dance and now she told me that she loves to play guitar too! Well, no doubt maybe that talent is in our clan or in our blood stream. I have a cousin too in Atlanta who is a singer in a band and she plays instrument too specially guitar and keyboard.

So my sister is on her way to learn as she is interested too learn the basic first. Maybe one day she will have this epiphone tuners. I am pretty sure that she can reach this goal as she is goal oriented one. So best luck sis and hope you will teach me soon too!

Stay beautiful and young by simply….

Being beautiful is a blessing for others, and being young is important, because it brings confidence itself, due to modern technology now ,we no longer even deny that many people use the surgery, botox ,pills and so on, just to maintain the beauty and being young. but for me not only therein can keep beauty and young ,have you not notice your teachers from elementary, high school or college seems they are not getting older, we think there work is so much stressful if they work for much for those mischief students, but why it seems they do not get older so fast, and that all i knew when I was in college, when i was on my OJT as a secondary education teacher i realized how nice being a teacher it was so self gratifying , in a way that you gradually lose your stress ,and other benefit is that your face will be exercised everyday.

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