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Finally my wp page is back.  If you can noticed yesterday this page is down due to hosting problem. But now, finally back and hope for no more downtime. Thanks to for this new upgraded server.  So now, business back as normal.

Have a nice day people! Let’s back working … Need more task to finish.

Since , I am hyper now. I am still not done with my shopping galore. I would like to add more sexy costumes to totally keep me more active and absolutely crazy in buying. Well, it is good to buy and pay at once. Right?

Aside from the denim, I am planning to have this sexy night dress. Lol! It is good to sleep with a comfortable outfit. In fact , my first choice before was a pair of pajamas but since I cannot find the right one I will go for this kind of sexy costume for me. What do you think folks?
Well, anyway time to stop before my bank gets empty. I need some break maybe. I am thinking of buying everything, like a one day millionaire. Lol!

August is a birthday rally for families. I would like to great my dearest sisteret… KC and Che a happy birthday. May the GOOD Lord bless you both in all ways. I don’t have enough time to dig on pictures so sorry this is the one posted. Hehhehe… KC and Che are the youngest in the family.

Before we thought that Che will be our youngest sister but after 10 years KC came. Another blessings come. So now, KC is our little girl in the house.

Again happy-happy birthday! God bless! Btw: Folks cannot download pics , dont know why some errors on wp maybe. Will check tomorrow.

You know why, I am happy? Just because I feel a bit relieved from my heavy allergies last week. I hope for the best and I feel like my life is back to normal. It is really hard to get sick.

Another thing: I am excited to pamper myself after hard life bearing those itchy days and sleepless nights. So now, I am in the mood of shopping and get a new stuff for me. Since , it is still summer I want to feel the heat of the day and feel a bit sexy despite of scars. Lol!

I found this cool denim in a very good deals. Imagine, original price is $98 and now at urban clothes they offer it for only $28. What a good buy for sure! Now, I need to shop , shop, shop till I drop. This is my way to get back from being depressed and sick.

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