Got problem w/my old template!!!

Folks, you can noticed here a new template. Just this afternoon got some errors on my old layout and I dont like it. So, why wasting my time to dig the reason of that old one, might just find a new one and tweak a bit. Here it is now. Hope you guys will gonna like this new one. I am satisfied with what I got! :dog2:

After two hours of sitting in front of Pc without any interruption , now I am hungry! This is the result… I will have now a pause and take a little break then back again.

3 Responses to “Got problem w/my old template!!!”

  1. Shydub says:

    Okay mn sd ni ngatemplatetsang :-) :yes:

  2. charmie says:

    that’s ok.. like your template pa din.. ako gani permi bag-o hahaha..

  3. chie wilks says:

    i like it’s nice sa mata sis and it looks more organized

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