WordPress Hacker Beware!

Hacker is just around the corner! Two days ago one of my blogger friend received a suspicious email from someone who introduce as a new additional user for her blog. Shocking right? Nobody can access her blog except her alone. Even her hosting doesn’t have any time to check on her cpanel. So I asked her to forward it to me and will forward it to the hosting company. At first I already suspected that they are hackers. Trying to hack her account! Very common…

So, I forwarded the email right to her hosting company and a very kind hosting checked it right away! Found out two hackers from Asia and from U.S. In short three users are registered in her account! So the hosting deleted the two new users immediately! As the hosting said that the two hackers possible was with the template. I mean wordpress has a lot of free template and can choose whatever you want. So maybe those hackers has the access of the current template that my friend is using. So the hosting recommends to change the template too, for safety!

So in short careful in choosing wordpress template on your blog! It might contain virus that can harm your site.
“Take note: This is my second writing, the first one was gone don’t know what happen! A bit upset…grrr” I need to write it again! Anyway… just a thought for today! Careful to those hackers!

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