Practical Ways Of Removing Clothing Stains

Doing the laundry is one of the most challenging tasks that a person could learn. Aside from its hygienic purposes, cleaning your clothes could keep its quality for a longer time. Although washing machines do exist these days, they aren’t experts on removing high caliber stains like those obtained from dark- colored sauces. You would be left with no choice but to hand wash the garments for several times.

There are simple ways to remove it and one is to first soak the stained clothing in warm water for several minutes before placing it inside the washing machine. Another one would be applying few drops of lemon extract to the stain especially if it is oil-based. A paste of lemon extract and salt is also an effective stain remover. Aside from being readily available in the kitchen, it is also very easy to prepare. After applying the paste, immediately wash clothes and hang it out for sun drying.

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