Road Travel

When traveling, I love to fly. It’s more convenient and more hassle-free although you sometimes have to tackle the long lines in the airport, big air packets that shook even a huge airplane. In spite of these inconveniences, it does not make me wish that I am traveling on the road. But sometimes, I do love to travel on the road once in a while. It reminds me a trip long time ago when my whole family went traveling and we spent more than three days on the road.

Roads are not always smooth and cemented, so one time, our car stuck in the mud. Just imagine that the car can’t just be pulled out by my father, so we all have to help. I think if we had a spring mounts in the car, that would lessen our effort.

That trip was an unforgettable one. It was fun in spites of the little inconveniences. No inconveniences can really spoil a family bonding especially when everyone is just alright.

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