Biking the Town

Summer has set in but the weather was erratic in the past weeks. But the past days, the weather is getting so nice. It is now time to pull out our bikes so we can go around town in our bikes instead of walking. Biking is still a form of exercise, so I am loving the thought that the more I pedal, the more calories I will be burning. I just can’t wait to go out tomorrow.

One of my friend wanted to go with us, but she has no bike yet. So I told her to check out Central District Cyclery’s website. It is a place that features the bike that suits you, clothing, and shoes. You should not forget protective gears if you decide to climb hills and go down the cliffs of which pro bikers love doing. I hope she decides to buy one but if she is still short of budget then she can rent a bike.

At Central District, they offer bike rental in Grand Rapids especially for those people who do not own bikes but wanted to explore the city. My bike is already five years old. It sounds old already, so if problem arises, I’d still enjoy the tour by renting a bike. It is the perfect solution when my finances don’t allow me to buy a new one.

Thank you to a friend for recommending this site. It is really very helpful to those who want to explore the city but too tired to walk around.

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