I’m missing her!

Last Holy Thursday, I was with some friends and we visited a friend who just recently transfer. She is one of my closest friend around here and now she is far away from me. It takes almost an hour by drive.

And yes we we’re there and we had great time. We did some cooking and touring the whole house. They have indeed a big house but old one. They have two kitchen but still not working well. They still don’t have good cabinets for kitchen utensils and they even don’t have dishwasher machine yet. So she needs to wash plates manually. It is not easy for her specially if she is having visitors.

So then, she told us that they will going to renovate little by little. The important now is that they are now in new or what I call old house that fits for them specially for their kids.

Anyway, she is trying to buy kitchen stuffs at ovis. Since they will going to repair their kitchen first before the other concerns. Kitchen is one of the most important place in a home. So I am looking forward to see their new kitchen soon. So at ovis there they can choose styles for kitchen cabinets and etc.

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