A Short Update From Me!

Wondering a week without so much updates? Well, no worries folks! I am here and trying to keep posting! I started my new course which is computer and at the same time going to my language class two times a week at night time! It is a bit tough schedule but I will try to manage! I want to really know much and hoping to get a better job here in Norway.

If you are new here , you must ought to practice language first! That is the key for all! No matter who and what your profession is as long as you don’t speak their language it is a sorry for you! So I know that this time it is hard for me but in the coming days I can say that I did the right path of taking the opportunities to learn earlier.

I told to myself before that I will never go back to school but now I am in school learning language and practicing more on my profession. So folks, I am just around the corner visiting and checking my blogs every now and then.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! Keep on blogging and dropping here!

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