Dishwashers are not as bad as you think

Contrary to popular belief, dishwashers are not water guzzlers. Let’s say you had this nice Bosch dishwasher in your kitchen, someone might think it was an appliance you could do without. Just wash your dishes in the bowl they might say. But compared to hand washing, a dishwasher actually uses much less water.

Perhaps a few years ago the stigma attached to dishwashers might be justified, but as technology progresses, they will actually save you time and energy in the long run.

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Studies show that a normal full load of a dishwasher typically uses approximately 10-14 litres of water per clean. Now have a guess how much manual hand washing typically uses. 20 litres? 30? 40? Try 49 litres. You can use almost 3 times the amount of water doing the dishes by hand.

Now think about the time spent slaving away at the washing up bowl. That time could be spent letting a dishwasher do all the work. In fact, you can save around 130 hours of your time. That’s 5 and a half days of cleaning you won’t have to do over the year!

Energy wise, studies show that you use half the amount of energy with a dishwasher than you would by hand cleaning, and when using high quality tablets, your dishes can emerge up to 19% cleaner.

Don’t forget, your dishwasher is doing all the work for you and it can run at much higher temperatures than your hands can withstand. This kills more germs and makes it more hygienic for your crockery.

Dishwashers are cleaner, faster and more efficient. Surely things every homeowner wants. Many people agree that once they take the jump and invest in a dishwasher, they’ve never looked back.

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