Luxury Travel Spotlight on Villa Adagio and Its Indoor Pool

(View of Villa Adagio, a unique luxury villa in St. John, Caribbean)

Recently rebuilt to create a more unique destination, Villa Adagio is one of the most desirable Caribbean villas… and also one of the most affordable. Let’s take a look at what makes this villa so unique.

The highlight, of course, is the sizable indoor pool, complete with skylights, various nighttime lighting abilities, and a fantastic view out into Great Cruz Bay and the waters and islands beyond it. All of the main features of Villa Adagio are centered on this luxurious indoor aquatic center; the two primary bedrooms are connected to the great room, and open out to carefully screened porches that provide further views of the beautiful bay below. On another side, the pool area leads to the dining area, allowing you to get out of the pool and have a bite to eat right away, or even have the food brought to you. Don’t swim too much on a full stomach, though.

Of course, some of the very best possibilities of Villa Adagio are the ones you don’t even know if you’ll get. Imagine, if you will, a fierce thunderstorm moving across the bay, with lightning flashing down in a brilliant display of nature’s power. You wouldn’t want to be caught outside during something like that, but if you’re in Villa Adagio, why not kick back and enjoy the show through the enormous bay windows? The secluded, safe nature of the indoor pool means that you can even swim during the storm if you feel like it, an experience hard to find anywhere.

In the end, a villa vacation is what you make of it. However, certain basic components can certainly help you to make more, and Villa Adagio is equipped as one of the most delightful residences for any traveler. Whether you’re traveling with a few couples or a mid-sized family, Villa Adagio offers creative delight for everyone, and from November 1 to November 30, 2011, LaCure Villas is offering 20% off a rental. With a price in the mid hundreds to start with for a single bedroom, and surprisingly little more to rent all three of the bedrooms in this luxury villa, Villa Adagio is even more affordable than usual for any family looking to get the ultimate vacation experience.

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