And her comeback!

After years of having no contact with my cousin who lives abroad just two days ago she message me for just to say hi, and that conversation began. She told me that she’s going to build back her band soon. She stopped being active in her band group for four years because of family matters. She got married and got two kids. But now she is planning to get back in singing. 

And planning to buy  lighting clamps for her band. This could be a good gift to the band on her comeback soon. So good luck cousin.

A new abode!

Someone that I know is now busy preparing for her new abode. She got her new home not that far from where I live. Her dream come true to have her own place to stay. She is a woman who loves to decorates home and specially now that she got her own. She is busy buying things that are affordable and that will fits to her abode. She has a tight budget so everywhere she finds affordable stuffs she grab that opportunity at once.

And as a friend of hers, every time I find things that looks nice I tell her right away and it’s up to her to check more if she will have it or not. Like for example those kinds of Fulterer soft close drawer slides those are ones of her needs. So hope that will fits to her budget.

Driving is on!

Wow! It’s been awhile since my last post here. I’ve been busy for the past months. Been now enjoying my driving lesson three times a week almost! Aside from being busy from the driving school I am also busy at work and finally vacation starts so a bit relax now at home.

To enroll in a driving school here in Norway cost a lot and it needs budget. Aside from buying a car you must have budget for the school before you can have your license. So now, I hope that I can have my license early next year.

Would love to post more here on my driving school next time. I am a bit sleepy now after watching the world championship for handball.

So have to update more here soon and to my other blogs as well.

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