My Dream Lenovo Netbook

Mama Mia… Here we go again! Folks, I am not singing because I am not a singer. I am just wishing to have this kind of netbook. What a cute and handy one.

This netbook was developed two years ago by Johnson Li, the director of Lenovo’s Beijing Innovation. This is look like a wallet with leader material in the cover and very handy. It says that: The belt that around in the middle can also function as the mouse. What? I am so excited hahaha… When and how I can buy this one.

I am looking forward for the complete specs for this Lenovo 2010. Interested!

6 Responses to “My Dream Lenovo Netbook”

  1. Lulu says:

    hmm interesting… palit ta ani anne

  2. lot says:

    hello sis… kanindot ana nga notebook noh as in nice kaau jud… how i wish pohon2x hehehe

  3. Shydub says:

    Ka very nice ani tsang i wish too I have one of that.

  4. Hey not bad at all. Article like this was something that I was looking for days… Thanks a lot!

  5. pc gamer says:

    Keep it up, great post! This was the info I needed to get.

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