My Phone Is Crazy Again

I remember last year winter time, my Sony Ericson phone gets totally drained and I cannot charge the battery. The battery is affected when it is getting too cold here. I really noticed it, I returned the battery to the store last year and they replaced it for new one. I bought this phone for just 1 year and 6 months but the battery sucks.

Yesterday, the battery is again getting crazy. I tried to open many times and rub it into the space where it is not cold but still did not work. After two hours I decided to put it inside the pillow to keep warm and put on the charger. And what a heck , it is working! So meaning the battery for this phone is really too bad. So just thankful that it works. I cannot return this back because this is out of warranty so meaning I have to buy new battery if ever. I was pissed off and getting tired of opening it on and off just to find out if it is charging or not.

Anyway, hope this will survive!

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