My Sunday Blasting!

What a Sunday! I went to a friend and we baked cassava cake. It was really perfect I bring some at home with me. Then we had some noodle soup also while waiting for the cake to be done. It is raining a bit today and really good to have some soup to warm up. A friend of mine lives not that far from where I am living, so I just go walking for 15 minutes one way.

So we had good time, it was only me and her together with her kids around. So thanks for my friend for her kindness. I got so much blast with the cake. Now, I am enjoying it easting while blogging. Anyway, tomorrow will be back to school no fall vacation so sad. Well, hope to enjoy more in my schooling.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! God bless us! Sharing you guys the photo of what we did today. Yummy!

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