New Year Beliefs!

Hey! 2011 is tomorrow and I found online where usually most people do during new years eve. I am sure some of you knows this already. For recap then you can read more here.

Make circles at the media noche table. Having 13 round fruits in a bowl or eating twelve pieces of grapes by midnight is said to bring wealth in the coming year. The former is based on a Chinese belief. In the latter, each piece is supposed to represent prosperity for each month of the year. There’s a belief that how the fruits taste can influence how your year will turn out. So cross your fingers and hope you don’t end up with bitter oranges or sour grapes.

Round food doesn’t have to be limited to fruits. Siopao, quezo de bola, hopia, siomai, even donuts for a snack can all be part of the night’s feast.

Polka dot the night away. Dress up in clothes with Polka dots or variations of circles and money will come your way as well. Polka dots have long been a Pinoy tradition. The brighter the colors, the more vibrant the coming year will be. Whether it’s a Polka dot t-shirt, a full-dotted dress ala Minnie Mouse, or Polka dot undies—all are believed to ensure good financial luck for the new year.

Bring on the coins. On New Year’s Eve, make sure that the pockets of your dress or jeans are deep enough to carry as much coins as you can. Throw in some bills, too. Jingling your pockets when midnight arrives is said to attract good fortune. So go check out your wardrobe and look for those deep pockets. Maybe if you wear polka-dotted bottoms with the deepest pockets, you’ll have a higher chance of winning the lottery next year. It will be all in good fun!

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