Planning To Have New TV

We need new TV, my old TV needs more repair and my siblings are now complaining that they cannot use it in watching movies through DVD player. Another thing they requested for a flat screen one. Well, I did not promise when I can buy a new one for them but I am now started to check tv reviews online to help decide which one should I buy. I want to make sure to have affordable and in fashionable  TV this time.

I am also checking for television mount , to save space on the apartment where my siblings stayed. Wall mounted TV is more fashion now a days. Before we used to have tv stand but for a change I am decided for wall mounted style. I will surprise my siblings for a new set of TV. Hopefully soon. Will see.

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  1. Shydub says:

    Kami sd tsang we need new tv among TV ky oanahon pa ni kupong kupong hehe

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