Playing Bingo in the Philippines

Filipinos always like the idea of getting together. While friends like hanging out, this concept is most especially seen in families. Filipino families and extended families always have reunions.

The average immediate Filipino family, if there are already married children, then they try to come together at least once a week. They would go to church together in the morning and then have lunch together at their parents’ house. In the afternoon, while the children fall asleep, the adults would play bingo or mahjong.

Although they would bet money, these usually in loose coins just so they can add excitement and fun to the game.

During grand reunions, however, bingo or mahjong becomes a different thing. They play it as part of their competitive games and sports. Families are divided so that they become teams. Whoever wins in the games will have corresponding points added to their team score.

Other companies and concerned groups play bingo for the sake of fund raising. They hold an event called the “bingo socials” where the guests can buy the cards and play. There is of course a “pot money” to be won but the proceeds of the event will go to charity or a special cause.

There are a few others that play the game online, like 888 bingo. These have higher stakes but well, a lot of people play this for the thrill of it. If you have never tried this and would want to play just for the experience, it is best that you set a budget for whatever you are going to spend. Then spend only small amounts, or the minimum amount required. And most of all, stick to your budget. It is easy to get sidetracked while playing especially things get interesting. It will be a good thing if you will win. But losing is another thing.

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