Remembering All The Passwords

I just laugh at myself today, out of so many password I mixed them up. So I need to check my book where I write passwords for my online work. Some of them are just in my mind but today it mix up. I inputed password from my other account to other account. Maybe I am hungry? Need food for my mind? LOL!

One reason: I am planning to add more blogs. LOL! Crazy but of course normal for bloggers who are addicted into blogging. Well blogging helps a lot. Specially when your page start earning so it keeps you going. Sometimes I am so lazy to update but the big question behind. *Should I add For More?* Well the answer is YES! hahaha… Anyway, I need to park here before it goes to banana chips.

Have a great sunday everyone. Will be back to school tomorrow… Need to wake up early again. Uffff!

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