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What do you expect when dealing adverts online? Some are easy to deal and some are really freaking! I want to share with you guys what I usually encounter with private advertisers!

1.) Some paid their dues as it says.
2.) Some don’t pay as what being agreed upon. The thing will be hide and seek. You must have to find them in the niddle.
3.) Some pays you without seeing yet the reviews. Advance payment!
4.) Some gives total bunch of work and paying too little.
5.) I have one advert who wants change for the links most of the time. I am so pissed and hard to deal.
6.) Some are picky and wanted their links to put on top. It is unfair with others.
7.) It is 90% that private advert are very good.
8.) I have adverts that are really easy dealing and they are always my customer. Thanks guys!

Anyway, no matter how they behave I am still willing to work with them. They are customers and I need them! My patience can still handle, and doing work online is not that easy. You can encounter different kinds of behavior. You must be ready to handle , give and take!