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Two weeks ago, I decided to buy this shoes shown here. This is for my winter preparation. The sales lady told me that this is warm enough and not slippery. I believed her. Just because I love the style, color and the fitting I bought it after 1 month of getting back and forth and checking this at store. This is not cheap folks, but I bought it because I wanted it!

But what? Two days in a row it started to get cold here now and the road is super slippery and I feel like sliding all the way with this one. I am so afraid to walk fast, so I do careful walking and very slowly as possible. It is warm yes but not good for real winter.

So I decided to find another one but need to have another budget again. But while saving I am also checking crescent moon snowshoes these shoes seem so promising. I am also looking for skiing shoes so this could be the solution. Prices is not that expensive. So folks, make sure to check properly before buying. I believed in the sales lady so here I am looking for another winter shoes. By December this will be too cold and surely will be snowing a lot.